Herbal Pig

As always you get the best quality of meat from us. Fresh from Germany and made in the traditional way. And still we strive to improve our standards and stay in tune with an ever changing eating culture. Your enjoyment and health play a central role in our thinking so after many scandals in and misinformation spread by the food industry we decided to take a new course and change the way we do things in our restaurant and butchery. We’ve always avoided presenting our customers with cheap, watery meat from high intensity livestock and we’ve always sourced our meats from Germany as many growth accelerators have been outlawed here long ago.
We’ve decided to distance ourselves from the bio-industry, where animals are reared in record time and its only about the amount of meat produced and animal welfare is barely a factor.

No more scandalous meat with questionable additives
No more bio-industry and animal cruelty
No more insecurity for our guests.
More protection and care for the animals, allow them to have quality of life.
A better and healthier meal for our guests.

And that desire is how we discovered the “Hunsrücker Herbal Pig” at butchery Leyser in Kempfeld who sources his meats from farmer Koch of Sachsenhof in Kirchweiler and farmer Schuster in Kempfeld.

This meat is a delight on your plate because:
- It’s more tender
- It’s proven healthier
- Contains up to 80% less cholesterol.
- Has less cooking loss
- Comes from animal friendly livestock
- Is free from growth accelerators and antibiotics.

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