Welcome in our original processed meats- and sausage butchery, established in 1920, in grandmothers style. If you are a proponent of well cared for animals and healthy food then you found the right address. We offer a wide selection of potted processed meats and sausages, free from mononatriumglutamate from animal friendly livestock. These are made from herbal pigs, bio-mangalitsa and processed with sea salt. All meat are sourced from the biological farm of Volker Thome in Weiskirchen.
Game from red deer and wild boar is obtainable as salami, German sausage or ham as well as smoked home-made black pudding and liverwurst, our beloved dry sausages, bratwurst or as a juicy “Hünsrucksteak”.

And of course all these items are all made in our own butchery and following our grandfather’s recipe.

High quality distilled and wines are also available in lovely gift bottles. A tasting is always possible in our adjacent restaurant.
And for our young guests we offer educational games and interesting wanna haves.

In our store we offer the following processed meats and sausages for a fair price and as always from our animal friendly suppliers and free of glutamates:

- Dried sausages
- Chilli sausages
- German sausages
- Game sausages
- Fleischwurst in a jar
- Fleischwurst with chili in a jar
- Hunting sausage
- Ham sausage
- Smoked homemade liverwurst (ring)
- Corned beef in a jar (biological farm Volker Thome, Weiskirchen)
- Ground beef in a jar (biological farm Volker Thome, Weiskirchen)
- Beef salami
- Beef sausages
- Cheese-grill sausages
- Wiener sausages
- Raw ham of herbal pig, potted with seasalt
- Smoked bacon of herbal pig
- Raw ham of mangalitsa, potted with seasalt
- Smoked bacon of mangalitsa, potted with seasalt

Any sausages not made in-house are from butchery Leyser from Kempfeld or butchery Schmitt from Trier-Ehrang who both make their sausages in the traditional way and run a business with a passion for the craft.

Opening hours butchery (during winter):

Monday from 17:00 till 22:00
Wednesday till Friday, open from 09:00 till 22:00.
Saturday, 09:00 till 12:00 and 17: till 22:00
Sunday, 10:00 till 22:00

Come and take a look and discover what treasures lurk in our shop. You’ll be certain to find something that suits your fancy!

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